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About us

Boutique Mère & Mousses
is first and foremost a family affair based on babies and passion. Located in the old Longueuil, Boutique Mère & Mousses offers a vast selection of clothes and accessories for children and mothers-to-be. We, Dominique and Isabelle (mothers of 4 and 3 children respectively) and our dynamic and professional sales team have been offering personalized and qualified services – and consistently meeting our clients’ needs – since first opening our doors in 1995.

With now over 15 years of experience, we at Boutique Mère & Mousses have become specialists in discovering new trends and adapting them to the current lifestyles of families in Quebec.

In February 2010, Boutique Mère & Mousses was awarded “ISO FAMILLE GOLD” certification, offering easy and direct access for strollers and wheelchairs; a private place to nurse or feed your baby with a microwave oven at your disposal; a place to change diapers; a play area; a courtesy stroller, and other convenient advantages that makes your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

Being an environmentally conscious company, we offer you a vast selections of second hand cloths and accessories that were cherished by previous owners and maintained in impeccable condition. We also offer a wide variety of washable and reusable diapers, including many brands manufactured here in Quebec.

“Baby-wearing” is a practice that has been gaining in popularity for many years, and at Boutique Mère & Mousses we offer over 10 different models of baby carriers, as well as hands-on information sessions to provide tips on how to use them to your best advantage.

At Boutique Mère & Mousses, you will always find top quality maternity wear, most of which is designed and manufactured here in Quebec. Our little ones aren’t forgotten either: we offer babies, toddlers and children’s clothing that stand out with bright colours, reliable comfort and a definite cuteness factor.

We offer many indispensable items for your maternity and nursing needs, including bras, nursing pillows, breast pumps, special baby bottles, diaper bags, special skin creams and much more.

Comforting and stimulating your baby are vital activities for assuring their health and well being. Choose from among our different baby care products, full bedding sets, toys, plush animals and gift items for every one!

Our boutique offers a vast selection of corporate gifts, gift certificates, and the option of setting up a shower register.