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Maternity Wear


Your pregnancy, whether it’s a first or “once again”, is a time to celebrate and commemorate. Your hips may expand by a few inches, and you’ll certainly gain a few pounds, but you will glow with new life and possibilities. So stay positive and forget about the minor inconveniences! Show off your attractive new curves and remember that this is your time to shine.

The key to maintaining your standards for style during pregnancy is to consider your new belly as a fashion accessory! Your flair for fashion and colour will help you appreciate your new body.

Boutique Mère & Mousses is proud to offer maternity wear in stretch-friendly, comfortable and easy-care fabrics, tailored with attention to detail. The designs are inspiring, contemporary, youthful and always in style. Over 90% of our lines are from Canadian and Quebec`s designer such as:

Bellyssima | mereetmousses.com Bedondine Maternité | mereetmousses.com Belly Bédaine | mereetmousses.com
Chimparoo | mereetmousses.com Belly Boom | mereetmousses.com

U MaMe | mereetmousses.com

Our imported lines include:

noppies | mereetmousses.com Ripe Maternity | mereetmousses.com

Every woman is beautiful when she knows how to emphasize her best features. You can dress well without spending a fortune. Our vast selection of accessories and jewellery can make all the difference. We also offer already worn and impeccably maintained maternity clothes at our usual affordable prices.


Allow us to suggest the perfect fit for you in all stages of your pregnancy and post-birth clothing needs.

The team at Mère & Mousses